Bio-systemics is an expressive, body approach elaborated by professor Jerome Liss, whose goal was to integrate physiological, mental and physical processes, stimulating the dynamics of emotions and the connection they have with the areas of speech, action, their significance and the relationship with others.

These activities and techniques have the objective of recognizing and overcoming the impasses of emotional and physical blocks, while developing at the same time a personal awareness, which becomes a professional competence.

Bio-systemic counselling utilizes the theory of human systems, favouring a holistic vision that is respectful of all the participants involved in relationships. The focus is on the individual as well as the significant relationships in which the individual is involved such as family, work, and leisure, with the objective of allowing the harmonic integration of one’s network of relationships.

Vitality, Reciprocity, & Initiative are the key words in bio-systemics.

The Italian Society of Bio-Systemics was officially born in 1986, but much earlier numerous groups of diverse psychotherapeutic schools from diverse locations (France, Switzerland, Belgium) had gathered around the theory and techniques of Jerome Liss, an American psychiatrist from Harvard, founder of Bio-Systemics.


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