During the ‘70s doctor Jerome Liss collaborated with Ronald Laing and David Cooper in England dedicating himself to family therapy. Following he worked with the French physiologist Henri Laborit, renowned for his “Theory of the Inhibition of Action”, which addresses the behavioural and biological conditions of health and the influencing environmental and relational conditions in which the organism functions as a real and actual apparatus of health and healing, and when removed from them this deregulation begins to cause a series of pathological reactions.

From this theory professor Liss developed the theory of the subcortical inhibition of action, introducing the theory of the equilibrium between the sympathetic- parasympathetic of the central nervous system.

The Italian Society of Bio-Systemics was officially founded in 1986 in Rome, bringing together a multitude of psychotherapists and scholars working in the Universities of Genova, Rome and Bologna, who over the years had adhered to the theories and techniques of prof. J. Liss. The School of Bio-Systemics has over the years continued research unceasingly, collaborating with Italian professionals from both the private and public sectors and with foreign scholars such as H. Laborit, D. Stern, M. Pages.

Bio-Systemic’s core focus is emotions and their psycho- physical complexity, regarding both neuro-physical and psycho-neuro-immunological aspects. Over the years the headquarters in Rome under the guidance of professor Liss has developed the strong aim of integration with the social structures of the territory, e.g. volunteer organizations and associations, developing a network of group support facilitators, according to the principals of ecological communication, where many of the instructors are deeply involved in community outreach programs.

The following are the locations of Biosystemics S.I.B. and the locations where it is possible to attend courses in Biosystemic Counselling:

Rome: Via Romanello da Forlì 38 Director: Dott.ssa Rita Fiumara Liss and Dott. Eugenio Giommi



Doctor Rita Fiumara-Liss

Piazza S. Maria Liberatrice, 18

00153 Rome, Italy


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