Prof. Jerome Liss, M.D.



Prof. Jerome Liss M. D. (b. July 23, 1938 d. October 20, 2012)

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist and consultant for the World Food Programme- U.N.

Studied medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, N.Y. and psychiatry at Harvard University, Boston, Mass.

Founder and director of the Italian School of Biosystemics for the formation of counsellors and leaders of self-help groups.


Creator of the group Biosystemic Counselling of Rome

Liss studied under Maxwell Jones in his ‘Psychotherapy Community’ and Bill Schulz’s Encounter groups.

Highly influenced by his collaboration with Henri Laborit, the ‘neurophysiology of emotions’, Ronald Laing’s ‘phenomenological psychiatry’, and David Boadella’s ‘embryological model’.

The school was reinforced by the collaboration with Italian professionals from both the private and public sectors and international scholars such as Henri Laborit, Daniel Stern, Max Pages, Joyce McDougall, with Italian professors also making collaboration between the various universities possible.

Some J. Liss publications: Free to Feel (1972), Family talk (1972), La Comunicazione Ecologica (1992, 2005), L’Ascolto Profondo (2004)

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